Rounding Cape Horn aboard a sailboat is an experience that any lover of the sea does not want to miss. The Cape is the last piece of land facing the Drake Passage, about 500 nm from Antarctica.

The legend

This up to seven days journey starts in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego (Fireland). After checking in on board Tari II we will take the Beagle channel eastwards to Puerto Williams on Navarino Island.

The area was formerly inhabited by the Yaghan Indians, nomads who lived ashore the Beagle and the neighboring channels. Archaeological studies show they also stayed on the islands Wollaston and Hermite nearby Horn Island with its legendary Cape Horn.

Depending on the meteorological conditions we will visit the southernmost village of the world. Located on the eastern coast of Navarino, Puerto Toro is a small fishing settlement where only a few families live throughout the year. During the fishing season lots of fishing boats drop their traps in the area though. The fishermen catch the traditional and delicious King crab, a delicacy of the Fireland region. Ashore we will be able to explore the typical Fireland forest, fauna and flora, reaching exciting vantage points.

Lennox Bay on Lennox Island provides another anchoring option. Only one family lives here maintaining the little naval station. We will be able to walk along the beach or discover the island’s interior visiting historically interesting places.

Proceeding south we will cross Nassau Bay finally reaching the well protected Martial Bay on Herschel Island or Maxwell Bay on Wollaston Island.

One of these places will be our starting point for rounding Cape Horn. Weather permitting we will be able to go ashore on the southeast side of the Horn Island to visit the monument (erected in memory of the numerous seafarers who lost their lives in the area) and the “Hornos” naval station and lighthouse.

In 1616 a Dutch Expedition organized by Isaac Le Maire and led by Captain Willem Schouten rounded Cape Horn for the first time. It is named after the Dutch city Horn – Schouten´s hometown. Even if this is considered to be the first official circumnavigation of the Cape, it is very likely that the residents of the area, the Yaghans, had crossed the waters around Cape Horn much earlier.

Our way back home to Puerto Williams and finally Ushuaia will lead us through the Fireland channels which finally open to the Beagle Channel.

As we are only able to reach our goals in a team, our fellow travelers will be part of the crew throughout our expedition journeys. Therefore, the daily routine work on board Tari II as steering, helping with sailing and anchoring maneuvers, driving the tender or preparing food will be shared among the crew members. Previous experience is not required to participate in our trips.


Intended Itinerary

Day 1: After clearing out from Ushuaia, sailing towards Puerto Williams, Chile. Check in and finish formalities to sail down to the Cape.

Day 2: Puerto Williams to Puerto Toro or Caleta Lennox, depending on weather conditions.

Day 3: Nassau to Wollaston Islands, anchoring at Caleta Martial or Puerto Maxwell.

Day 4: Weather permitting we sail around Hornos Island and disembark at San León cove.

Day 5: Wollaston Islands to Lennox.

Day 6: Lennox to Williams.

Day 7: Williams to Ushuaia