Services, medical info and insurance

Joining us for a voyage some services are included and some other not.


What is included

  • Accomodation in single berths with warm blankets
  • Heating below deck
  • Outstanding food and beverages including wine and beer
  • Lifejacket and harness
  • Iridium antenna connection
  • All port fees and local taxes


What is not included

  • Satellite communication with our equipment. Only possible once approved by the captain and must be paid in cash before the end of the voyage.
  • Personal clothing which are detailed under Personal Equipment List
  • Foul weather gear and seaboots
  • Strong alcohol beverages
  • Special mountaineers food
  • Technical equipment and/or tools of specific use for the expedition itself
  • Transportation to and from the boat
  • Shoreside accommodation
  • Visas if required. For more information see “TRAVEL INFO”
  • Personal medical and evacuation insurance
  • Special permits for projects ashore such as climbing, research, skiing, etc.


Our voyages are to remote areas so the Captain and/or Puerto Beagle deserves the right to alter and/or cancel part or the whole voyage due to serious bad weather, and/or political circumstances in the area of the voyage, and/or any other reason beyond our control. Because of the same Puerto Beagle nor the Captain accept no responsibility for missed flights or buses nor their consequences and strongly recommend our clients that international return flights are fully flexible to allow for missed connections due to bad weather, mechanical breakdown and for any other reason whatsoever as mentioned before.

Captain’s say attending to safety reasons amongst other factors must be accepted by all crewmembers. In case of a medical problem arising during the expedition, either onboard or on shore, the responsibility belongs solely to the person itself. If for any reason an incident is not covered by the beneficiary’s travel insurance the responsibility still remains with the person and Puerto Beagle nor the skipper specifically decline any responsibility whatsoever.

These cruises are intended for people of reasonable good health and mobility commensurate with what is considered safe on a small sailing vessel where heavy weather could create violent motion as well as the inherent risk or sea sickness. Guests who are not fit for such conditions are advised not to take this cruises, as this may result in an unacceptable risk to you; may interfere with the enjoyment of the other guests on board; and may even compromise the completion of the voyage itself.